7 Ways to Create a Crappy Life


I have spent a lot of time learning about what it takes to create and enjoy a positive, fulfilling life. I have also spent a lot of time messing up and watching others create really unpleasant situations for themselves. Based on these experiences, I have developed what I call the 7 ways to create a crappy life

Do These To Create a Crappy Life

  1. Think only of yourself. If you want a crappy life, don’t think about or do things for your family, friends, and associates. 

  2. Get addicted to something. A nice addiction will severely reduce your ability to live with power and focus.

  3. Don’t plan. Just go with the flow so that you don’t have to do any hard thinking. 

  4. Do what is easiest. The hard stuff is just so… hard.
  5. Do only what brings “instant gratification.” Live for the moment and don’t work toward the future.
  6. Don’t write down your goals and action plans. Make sure your dreams are vague and forgotten.
  7. Let other people dictate how you use your time. Just give in and give up on setting your own direction.

If you are interested in having a terrible life, then get to work on these actions. I can guarantee that within a matter of days, you will find that your life has become crappier. Worst of luck, to you!