5 Things Great Teams Do

5 THINGS.png

Working in teams is a normal part of life, but sometimes we work with people who interact in ways that are negative and damaging, which stunt the effectiveness of the team. Based on my experience working in teams, the following principles should guide all work interactions within a team. Using these principles will yield a greater likelihood of success.  

  • Purposeful – Great teams focus on the projects and activities that achieve the organization's goals. They are not distracted by the things that are not centered on key organizational strategies. If there is no focus, there is no success.
  • Respectful – Great team members respectful one another. They avoid useless criticism, gossip and focus on success. They are professional in their interactions.
  • Open – Great teams have no secrets. They give and receive feedback and are open to new ideas and strategies. They share knowledge openly and work together in an open, positive manner to achieve their goals. 
  • Collaborative – Great team work together effectively. They build off our teammates strengths and successes. They support one another in their work projects. 
  • Constructive – we are proactive and focus on solutions. We focus on reaching goals and fixing problems. 
  • Bonus: Confidence - Great team members are competent and confident in their skills, strengths, and abilities. They do not shrink from opportunity but move forward with confidence and personal strength. 

If you have found yourself struggling within your team, I recommend that you take a close look at yourself and make sure that you are using these principles effectively to achieve success in your work.